Green Energy Transition

About the Chrysalis Energy Partnership

OYA Renewables and Oil Well Shares have partnered to jointly develop, own, and operate utility-scale solar, wind, and energy storage infrastructure projects across 1.5 million acres of rights-owned land in Appalachia.

The joint venture accelerates the national transition to clean energy, and aims to positively impact the economic prosperity of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. This includes contributing to job growth and strengthening the community’s energy supply. The project is projected to drive $3 billion of capital spending in the region by 2030.

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Financing and Incentive Acquisition EV Charging
Solar Power


We will leverage our deep roots in solar energy to develop solar farms that will deliver clean energy to surrounding communities.



We will construct wind-enabled clean energy infrastructure to expand and advance the region’s energy solutions.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

We will invest in building robust energy storage solutions to strengthen available resources and meet growing energy demands.


Green Hydrogen

We will drive forward green hydrogen production for industrial, commercial and personal use.